How to choose your services with a financial planner if your age is between 60 and above by Taresh Bhatia

  • · Understand if you need life insurance, only if you have dent/ dependents, else don’t waste money and perhaps close some insurance (life only)
  • · Check out and take best health insurance, with critical illness and accident cover also separately.
  • · Have 3-6 months monthly expenses set aside for contingency fund, perhaps in a liquid mutual fund.
  • · Plan for retirement.
    • · Check out if your investments are going to outlast you.
    • · Check out if your retirement fund or corpus if sufficient.
    • · Check out if your investment is in thr right place
    • · Check out taxation implications.
  • · Plan for your own House (buy/ rent/ loans?)
  • · Plan your (both couple) Will and plan what if ?

A film by Taresh Bhatia
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