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Financial Planning for Retired

Hello friends my name is Taresh Bhatia and I’m a certified financial planner my firm Advantage Financial Planners LLP is registered with SEBI as a Registered Investment Advisor RIA.

In this session we’re going to talk about as a senior citizen you just retired and now you’re planning your pension phase it’s a happy phase where you going to be having money and time to do what you want to do with your money and time you worked whole of your life and now is the blessed moment when you want to be satisfied and you want to lead a very peaceful life that’s where an expert can say let me guide you on your personal investments personal finance and I have a structured retired life so having just retired you would have got certain money in EPF gratuity Provident Fund and other money which you have invested is now ready for perhaps proper investment so we will start with how I do this so as a financial planner my CFP qualification and my MBA qualification makes me qualified to do what I’m talking about number one phase is when you need to plan how much money you would need from your age 60 to let’s say life expectancy 85 and that’s where you need to plan your money so number one component would be a household expense number two lifestyle number three any dependents or any EMI loans going out and the fourth is any other EMI or any other expenses which you anticipate will increase or decrease like medical expenses or visiting your children in India in abroad and you want to travel frequently so these are four components which you put together and say ok from 60 to your life expectancy 85 at 7% inflation will go on increasing every month every year so what is the corpus I need to have at age 60 that calculation which we do with the help of a financial calculator and we say okay this is how we make the calculations once you know the corpus then you need to know the right place to invest so my firm advantage financial planners LLP is registered with SEBI Securities Exchange Board of India where we do not market propagate or tell you to make investments through us in any regular or any other investment avenues but we do assist you in online direct mutual funds where there are no commissions it’s transparent you get unbiased opinion everything is in your control you have something like open-ended funds not doing well go to the other one number six is we also guide you on taxation number seven is equity debt how much you should be investing in debt and equity and number eight assumptions so your inflation is one factor and the returns is one factor so year to year you need to review your investments and financial plan so these are eight things which you need to consult us as financial planners as investment advisors to tell you the right place where your money should be parked in my opinion maybe you should not look at high-risk equities but somewhere where you can have a regular monthly pension coming to you on the 28th of the month so you at you are satisfied and you are confident and you are tension free there is no ambiguity about the money which is going to come not going to come so in the 28th of the month we’ll plan that you get the exact amount which you need for your household expense every month and annual expenses increasing for the rest of your lifetime twenty years thirty years you have the plan you have the investments ready so go ahead that’s what we do as financial planners and my firm will assist you in implementation of your invest so this is what we do when we advise you when you adjust to their time thank you very much happy investing.
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